Business Start-up

Business Start-up Planning - Free Business Plan Assistance!

Would you like help preparing a business start-up plan in order to get Business Link funding, a bank loan, or for some other purpose? I have lots of experience of helping people write their plans, and sometimes writing parts of the plan for them.

Firstly, I help you think about the business as a whole. What will your product be? Can you really sell it? How will the business operate? Will it make enough money? Is it what you really want to do? Where can you get funding and advice from?

Then, I will help you put together a cash flow forecast and a business plan

Finally, you will be much clearer what you are trying to acheive - and how you will do so. You will also have as business plan that you are proud of, and professional enough to help you get the funds and support you need.

Contact me now on or 0780 143 0784.