Richard Hanage Associates.

On leaving Durham Business School in 2003, I set up in business, with several close Associates to continue my interest in helping small businesses to start up, survive and grow. There were two strands to our activities:

  1. Helping people to setup and run Small/Medium Businesses
  2. Assisting those who work with entrepreneurs and SMEs.

We did these through one-to-one advice, consultancy and practical workshops.

The business had four special selling points:

  • DUBS Experience: I had worked for 12 yrs in the internationally famous Durham Business School (DUBS).
  • Practical workshops/advice: Based on personal knowledge of actually running several small businesses.
  • Accreditation: Courses accredited up to NVQ5 or Masters Degree standard, if required.
  • Associates: My 'Associates' were very experienced, so we can cover all aspects of SME development.


Since then I have done a PhD studying graduate business start-ups.

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PS. Two Universities that I have enjoyed working with and have greatly influenced myself and my businesses: