The Team

Alistair Baxter

Alistair is an expert on marketing. He developed his skills in big businesses and has been amazingly successful in making his knowledge applicable in the SME sector, via '9P Modular Marketing'. Working on a Durham University project, he received outstanding feedback from his SME clients - they quoted large increases in turnover and profit from his consultancy process using the 9P Modules.

Not surprisingly Alistair runs one of the workshops on the 'Finance and Marketing' course.

Ted Fuller

Ted is the brains behind much of the material in the workshops. Currently a Professor at Lincoln University, he was a pioneer at DUBS in the 80' and 90's, which is where Richard and he met. A symbiotic relationship developed in which Richard helped take Ted's research material through into projects for the SME sector. He is now Faculty Director of Research at Lincoln Business School.

Richard Hanage
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Richard worked for many years for ICI on Teesside (initially in Production Management, then Computer Project Management) and then moved to Durham University Business School (DUBS) for 12 years specialising in small business development. During this time he worked with many small businesses and developed his interest and skills in running training workshops. He left the University in 2003 and now his own small business development business, assisted by the Associates listed here.

Richard has designed and run a wide range of small business workshops from 'Start-up' through to 'Managing Growth and Change'

Dean Maragh

When Dean left University he set up his own canoeing business - The Watershed - in Newcastle. He attended the DUBS 'Graduate Enterprise' course and became increasingly involved in helping to run the programme, and others. Having developed a successful e-business alongside the retail premises he eventually sold the shop and has developed a portfolio career of SME training and canoe-related activities. He set up and runs the Durham 'Technology means Business' (TMB) Centre, which is by far the most successful one in the country for training and accrediting ' Business ICT Advisers' for SMEs.

Dean helps run the 'IT and e-Commerce' module, and he and Richard work together on TMB accreditation.

Karl McKracken

Karl and John, who both used to work for the University of Durham Engineering Dept, run the 'Seven Rings' consultancy. They mainly specialise in developing manufacturing capabilities in large and small businesses, but have successfully adapted some of the tools and approaches to the service sector - for instance 'lean manufacturing' has been developed into 'lean office' with outstanding results.

Karl now runs a business helping professional services firms generate more leads and repeat business, using proven and low-cost marketing tools.

Jean Mellalieu

Jean has always been interested in management training and jointly owned and ran 'Management in Action' at Robin Hoods Bay, on the Yorkshire coast, for 15 years. The Centre specialised in developing management skills through (non-macho) outdoor and indoor activities, reflection, discussion and feedback. We took many groups of small business owners and staff there on intensive 3-day courses that were always given top rating by the participants.

Jean runs workshops on leadership, personal skills and team-working, and has been a big influence on the design of our 'Personal Skills for Small Businesses' UCPD course at Teesside University.

Tony Walsh

Tony is a specialist in managing change and managing people - and especially the complex areas of personnel processes - recruitment, appraisal, discipline, etc.

He runs workshops in the 'Managing People' and 'Managing Change' courses.